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Our commitment to our people

We passionately believe that different ways of thinking, backgrounds and experiences make us stronger and better as a business. And the more diverse we are, the better we can reflect, relate to and respond to the needs of our diverse customers.

When we say we embrace diversity, we’re not saying it to tick boxes. We’re saying it because we do it and because it makes us a better business. We continue to work hard to create one AXA where everyone feels that they truly belong. And because we’re all humans and should be granted equal rights and respect, we refuse to tolerate discrimination of any kind.
Our commitment to our people
Embracing our diversity

Embracing our diversity

We’re hugely proud of the strong sense of community and pride within AXA Partners. We’ve worked hard, and continue to work hard, to build a diverse, inclusive organisation where every single employee knows that they can be their true self at work. We are focused on creating a workplace where everyone knows that their differences are embraced as a strength, and that they can flourish while feeling safe, valued and respected.

You make us stronger 

Great things happen when individuals from different backgrounds with different skill sets and perspectives work together. That’s why we encourage our people to make new connections and have new conversations. As well as regularly asking our people about their personal experience in the workplace, we encourage everyone to join one of our global Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These are platforms to discuss views, share information, seek resources and support and serve as a think tank for the business. We also continue to shine a light on – and put our global weight behind – topics and campaigns that are important to us and our people. 
You make us stronger

Health and safety matter

As a responsible company and a leader in health insurance and medical assistance services, AXA commits to ensure a fair treatment for all its employees globally when it comes to health.
For this reason, the Group launched in November 2020, a global program to improve its employees’ mental and physical health named “Healthy You” based on three complementary pillars: Prevention, Care and Support.  This engagement is cherished at AXA Partners. Promoting and developing a healthier workplace and lifestyle are part of our priorities > Discover more

We are proud of our people - doctors, medical network an operations & care advisors - who guide people day in day out.

 Health and safety matter
Supporting disability and wellbeing

Supporting disability and wellbeing

We focus on ability rather than disability. To create a workplace that’s inclusive and accessible for people of all abilities, we’ll work with you to make sure that you feel comfortable in the workplace – and to make sure that you have everything you need to do your job brilliantly. 

We also run various local initiatives and provide access to tools and information to improve all aspects of your physical and mental wellbeing. We have a well-established AXA global employee assistance programme in place which offers independent and free support in managing both personal and professional challenges in their lives to enable your wellbeing.
“An inclusive workplace benefits out people and also our business. Whilst there is more to be done in raising awareness of this important topic, I am proud to work for a company that is doing all it can to break down barriers. I am committed to ensuring  that everybody at AXA Partners UK & Ireland is given the opportunity to participate, develop and add value to our business.”
Bob Ewers
CEO AXA Partners UK & Ireland, Redhill, UK
“I love being exposed to different cultures and different ways of looking at things or thinking around a problem.” 
Carmel Peacock
Technical Analyst, Shannon, Ireland
“Being able to interact with a range of people who have lots of experience and different perspectives is my favourite thing about working here.”
Kevin Palache
IT Process & Change Manager, Shannon, Ireland
“If you've got a collaborative mindset, you'll thrive in our agile, inclusive environment.”
Beth Buckland
Global COO Motor BL, Redhill, UK
“Each for equal means that gender equality is not only about women. We need to bring men along in the journey with us and ensure that everyone, man or woman, has equal opportunity in whatever job he or she wants to do.”
Sophie Latil
Global Head of Credit & Lifestyle protection, Barcelona, Spain
“Since joining AXA Partners, I’ve received mentoring and coaching from management which has continued to help me learn and adapt throughout my career.”
Sean Ng
Regional HRBP, Rewards & Workforce Analytics, Asia
“Working at AXA Partners with teams all over the world has allowed me to meet and interact with lots of different people from many different backgrounds. This has really broadened my professional mind-set and is another reason why I love working here.”
Photograph of ​​​​​​​Açelya Kaya
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Açelya Kaya
Manager / Actuary,  Istanbul, Turkey
“I love that I have the option to connect with colleagues from everywhere in the world through our internal social platforms.”
Wilfredo Ito
Concierge Team Leader, Montréal, Canada

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