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AXA Partners in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa

We operate in several countries across the Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META), and we have offices in – among many other cities – Algiers and Istanbul. You can find out more about these offices below. To find a job where you are or where you want to be, scroll down.
AXA Partners in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa

Some of our Middle Eastern, Turkish and African offices

Algiers, Algeria

We have over 80 people working here, in everything from Finance and Operations to Medical and HR. Our office has lots of great facilities such as a sports hall for group activities and games, a well equipped kitchenette for making and having your lunch, a beautiful terrace for when you need some time outside and quiet rooms for when you need to concentrate or take calls.
Algiers, Algeria

Where we currently operate in the Middle East and Africa

Flag of Algeria


Flag of Turkey


“A 'customer first' culture is adopted by everyone and you can really feel that wherever you are in the business.”
Açelya Kaya
Manager / Actuary, Istanbul, Turkey
“I’m going to take the opportunity to work towards further coaching accreditations.”
Richard Anthony Bailey Castillo
ATI Operations Processor, Barcelona, Spain
“The constant innovation and implementation of new policies and technologies that keeps the business fresh and at the forefront of our industry.”
Beth Buckland
Global COO Motor BL, Redhill, UK