How can a simple everyday gesture prevent a physical illness such as cancer?

As part of our cancer prevention initiative, meet Alisson Becker and Rylee Foster, Liverpool FC and Liverpool FC Women’s goalkeepers, “hand” specialist players, in our “In Safe Hands” campaign. Both will demonstrate with the help of our Chief Medical Officer at AXA Partners France, Dr Magali Bozon, that palpation is a matter of “touch” through the practice of self-examination. Ellie, Liverpool FC fan and breast cancer survivor, shares with us her testimony.

Since October 2020, AXA has been Liverpool FC’s Official Training Partner (AXA Training Centre). This collaboration was built on shared values, strong morals and ethical principles: both AXA and Liverpool FC work with integrity and courage
This year, AXA and Liverpool FC join forces to give a global reach to this important prevention message and dispense simple and easy to copy gestures.

​​​​​​​Put your health first!

AXA has always been deeply engaged on health prevention and has developed a global Health & Well-being program for its employees named Healthy You which is based on three complementary pillars: Prevention, Care and Support.  This engagement is cherished at AXA Partners.

People’s health and wellbeing are at the heart of our mission

At AXA Partners, the health and wellbeing of our employees has always been and will remain a key priority. 
With over 100,000 medical cases managed each year and a medical network gathering more than 40 000 medical providers and 200 doctors and nurses, AXA Partners intervenes to help people in trouble and to rescue them anytime, anywhere: therefore, we know prevention is crucial. We are proud to share the medical knowledge of our doctors and medical network on preventive measures. We are proud of our
operations & care advisors who guide people day in day out, starting with a question and leading them to a solution.
Prevention: it all starts with our people… 

We know how uncertainty about personal health can impact people’s lives and may cause anxiety. Prevention is a way to ensure that our people aren’t left alone with their anguish, and at the very least, provide them access to reliable information.  
Working at AXA Partners, you will experience and hear about the 
Healthy You program launched by AXA in 2020. As part of it, the Global Health Days, which are organized every year in many of our offices, is an opportunity for our employees to have access to information and to participate in workshops and conferences to expand their health knowledge. 

We are making continuous progress, and already have many examples of active prevention measures and awareness initiatives: in most of our locations, AXA Partners* already offers its employees aged 40 years old and over, the opportunity to benefit from a free, complete confidential face-to-face health check-up at their workplace, and digital health check-ups, to help identify key risk factors and obtain personalized health and wellbeing advice; Our offices constantly put in place Q&A sessions on specific topics for cancer prevention, healthcare workshops & online training programs where employees can get a deeper understanding of a health topic.
AXA Partners is actively developing easy access to personal care: by the end of 2023, access to chat-based medical assistance or Telemedicine services will be made easy for most of our people, wherever they work or live with 24/7 support.

Peace of mind is part of the value-added services we deliver to our clients. At AXA Partners, acting for human progress is what drives us every day. Our health services all share the same goal: to protect what matters, when it matters. More and more of our business partners are convinced that health services should be made available to the bigger number, not to say all. Corporate health services such as prevention advice in the workplace, personal health assistant, and medical teleconsultation services…are savings lives every day. Angel in France, Bonjour Docteur, AXA Doctor Please, AXA Health Keeper (corporate health solution dedicated to check-up) are part of the solutions which were co-created by AXA Partners that participated in raising awareness in cancer prevention gestures. 

“AXA Partners has entered the new age of Health Services to protect what matters when it matters.  
With online and offline medical solutions, we diminish health access disparities and respond to an increased need of on-demand services”

declares Gunter UYTTERHOEVEN, Chief Customer & Innovation Officer
​​​​​​Prevention is the first stage of protection

Finally, we regularly participate in Cancer prevention initiatives with AXA Hearts in Action and the charities it partners with.
At AXA Partners Spain, we recently partnered with Asociación Española contra el Cáncer (AECC) which allows employees to have access to specific content and promote the adoption of cancer prevention habits. AXA Partners also regularly take part in thematic conferences.
As you can see, promoting a healthier workplace is key to AXA Partners’ promise. Raising awareness and helping to prevent mental, physical and social health issues to enable our employees to live longer, happier, healthier lives is one of our key commitments, and we manifest it everywhere in the world.

(*) all measures taken by AXA and local entities can’t be listed here, as the benefits offered vary depending on the coverage degree and local context.

AXA helps accelerate cancer research. 40 groundbreaking projects in the area of cancer
have been supported by the AXA Research Fund.