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We want to see more of you,
here's how we see the best of you
Whatever stage you’re at in the recruitment process, we want to make sure that we get to see everything that makes you a fantastic candidate. Here’s some useful hints and tips to help you prepare and overcome any worries you may have during the interview or assesment stages. 


Know what to expect

Know what to expect

Re-read any emails or paperwork that we’ve sent you so that you know what will happen on the day. If you’ve been asked to prepare anything in advance, make sure you’re 100% happy with it. Always check timings and leave yourself plenty of time to get there.

Do your research

Once you’ve checked and double-checked everything, it’s worth digging a little deeper. Make sure you know as much as you can about us, what we do, how we do it, what the role is all about – and why it’s important. 
Do your research
Selling yourself

Selling yourself 

Have a think about the skills and personal qualities that make you the ideal candidate – and be ready to give us real-life work examples of where you’ve used them. And remember to tell us – and show us – why you want the job. We want to see your passion and enthusiasm as well as hear about your work experience. 
Know your development areas

Know your development areas

We’ve all got strengths – and we definitely want to hear about those. But it’s also useful for us to hear about areas where you think you need more development. It’s not a weakness at all. It shows to us that you’re committed to developing personally and professionally. 

Be you

Because we want everyone to be able to be their true selves at work, we want to see the real you. So try to relax, stay calm and be yourself – harder than it sounds, we know! And listen to what’s being asked of you and what others are saying. It’ll help you to get the most out of the day.
Be you
Ask questions

Ask questions

This is your chance to quiz us too. Try to prepare some questions for the day of your interview or assesment. Not only will it show that you’ve done your homework but it tells us that you’re serious about wanting to work with AXA Partners. 
​​​​​​​Time will fly

​​​​​​​Time will fly

How you manage your time is important in any job. It’s also really important on assessment centre day. So plan it carefully. Know how much time you have for each section or activity, allow yourself the right amount of time and stick to it. 

Be a team player 

If you're invited to an assessment centre, try to remember that we’re not comparing you against other candidates in the room. We’ll be assessing you on how well you demonstrate the skills, qualities and behaviours needed for the role. We’re one team here at AXA Partners so team working is really important to us. Show us that you get on well with others, that you listen to and respect their opinions.
Be a team player
Enjoy it!

Enjoy it! 

Easier said than done but remember, this is your chance to make a brilliant impression on us. So enjoy it, give it everything you’ve got, be yourself and try to smile! 
     “AXA Partners promotes a management style that aims to empower employees. It's given me the confidence and opportunity to go for a fully-fledged leadership programme that I completed in just three months.’’
Girijamani Chandrasegar
Manager, Regional TPA (Health BU), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“It makes me proud to know that when I support a colleague to succeed in their role, it means our customers are getting the best support from the best people, exactly when they need it.’’
Sean Ng
Regional HRBP, Rewards & Workforce Analytics, Asia
“We have a great team atmosphere and supportive managers that are always willing to share their insights and help with progression."
Linda Zhu
Operation Supervisor, Motor BU, Suzhou, China
“I'm going to take the opportunity to work towards further coaching accreditations.”
Richard Anthony Bailey Castillo
ATI Operations Processor, Barcelona, Spain
“The constant innovation and implementation of new policies and technologies that keeps the business fresh and at the forefront of our industry.”
Beth Buckland
Global COO Motor BL, Redhill, UK
“Whatever you’re into, there are lots of opportunities to get together outside of work - from walking clubs to the softball team.”
Colleen Dillon
Medical Desk Supervisor, Chicago, Illinois
“I never stop learning and it’s a privilege to come to work every day.”
Photograph of Emmanuel Touzeau
Emmanuel Touzeau
Head of People and Communication, Paris, France