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Risk Management careers
Risk is the raw material of an insurance company.
​​​​​​​Risk management plays a strategic role in determining the level of risk that is acceptable, which is the ultimate guarantor of long-term profitability and corporate viability. We make the most of the very latest techniques, such as big data analysis and natural disaster models, and develop our own internal model to accurately assess risks. Our operational, financial and insurance risk management system ranks among the best in the world, according to Standard & Poor's.  

Making a difference

Everywhere around the world, our employees are finding new ways to make peoples lives better. We’re supporting each other to put our customers first. 

“One of the best things about working at AXA Partners is that I always feel supported and connected to my team.”
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Linda Zhu
Operation Supervisor, Motor BU, Suzhou, China
“Whatever you’re into, there are lots of opportunities to get together outside of work – from walking clubs to the softball team.”
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Colleen Dillon
Medical Desk Supervisor, Chicago, Illinois
“I was really surprised by how much support there was from management for me to move between teams.”
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Joseph Carse
Learning and development training executive, Redhill, UK
“The constant innovation and implementation of new policies and technologies that keeps the business fresh and at the forefront of our industry.”
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Beth Buckland
Global COO Motor BL, Redhill, UK
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