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Information Technology careers
In a world where digital technology is changing how we work and how we access services, we never lose sight of what’s most important: how we can harness technology to make people’s lives better. From identifying user needs through testing to deployment, from business analysts to data scientists to security experts, we work globally to develop solutions to meet our clients’ and, in turn, their customers’ needs. 
 "We're constantly reviewing and continuously improving, to see how we can approach challenges differently. I love it."
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Mollie B
 IT Director for UK and Ireland, AXA Partners
 "I love the diversity of this workplace, the skill set, the languages, the cultures. It's a really great environment to be in."
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Sandi W
Systems Analyst, AXA Partners
 "The things that I like best about my job now are the creativity, the autonomy, the people, and the continuous improvement we make to the business."
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Inder S
Head of DevOps in CLP, AXA Partners
 "What boosts me is being able to work in an evironment looking for innovation through automation and AI topics."
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Chrysanthos P
Head of Automation & AI, AXA Partners
 "They offer me a great opportunity to handle a team. Keeping my agile profile alive, the balance between the project manager and the scrum master. And here I can do both.'"
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Angel M
IT Domain Owner, AXA Partners 
 "The customer is at the heart of everything we do, so whether you're working in IT, operations, finance... the end goal is exactly the same."
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Mary N
Tribe Leader in IT, AXA Partners
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